Rick Cofer Contributions to a Clean Austin

Plastic bags continue to be a big dilemma for a sustainable world. Different global bodies have made bold moves to curb the misuse of plastic bags. Although most of these bold moves are successful in raising awareness, there is still more room for private citizens to contribute.

Rick Cofer is one of the private citizens that are passionate about making the world free of plastic bags. Although Cofer is an advocate by profession, he is one of the people that believe in a sustainable society. Due to his passion for a free-plastic world, Rick Cofer is in different entities that are keen on reversing the plastic bags reality.

He is a member of the famous City of Austin Zero Waste Commission, and his contribution to waste management policies is unmatched. Austin is home to many people, and the high population translates to high waste volume. Rick Cofer understands that better waste management is not an option in a big city such as Austin and together with other professionals; they are changing the waste management narrative.

To achieve better results, he has teamed up with the residents of this great city to make the city waste-free. Recycling for them is vital, and this approach helps them to realize a sustainable waste management program.

In addition to being part of an organization that is championing better waste management, Rick Cofer Law is also part of other related organizations. His mandate in these organizations is to make life in Austin better and more importantly make the city the best place to spend time.

Since the city has one of the best landscapes, he is passionate about making each park and each landmark consistent with global standards. Cofer is currently one of the professionals that are part of the renovations around the city. He hopes that by 2020, the city will be the best place to visit and live.

Apart from making this city the future, Rick Cofer also understands that people of this great city require other important services. For example, Cofer is passionate about minorities. Through partnerships with relevant organizations, he is part of the team that is currently supplementing the healthcare provided by the local government.

Also, he is also passionate about finding the solution for homelessness. According to him, homelessness is a global problem and finding a uniform solution is impossible. However, there are ways in which corporate world, together with governmental organizations can reduce the number of people homeless. In Austin, he is working with different organizations to address the issue comprehensively.

His life as an advocate, however, helps him to reconnect with another side of humanity. Rick Cofer’s approach to law and the legal world is unmatched. His area of expertise relates directly to people living in this city.


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