Revolution In Papa John Through CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the current CEO of Papa John’s International is one of the largest Pizza Company Worldwide. Currently, Steve Ritchie is the CEO and has brought massive positive changes in the company. Due to his wealthy experience in the company since 1996, he has acquired the prestige position. Aside from being the CEO he has worked in different positions as a representative in the customer services. See This Article for more information.


Throughout the years he has become respected person in the industry. He was the companies franchise owner in 2006 where he worked till 2014 and was appointed as a chief operating officer. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s worked in other positions such as delivering products, area supervisor, managing general operations and as a vice president. He is a clear example that one can move from grass to grace. His dedication to work in Papa John has made him earn the position he has now. most of his career input has been exclusively in the company while working in other firms.


In his hometown Louisville, he put up a pizza in before joining papa John. He worked proactively in the pizza shop where he leant his dedication to work. Through his established business he grew a passion for the pizza business leading him to his current work company. being named in the Louisville’s First as 40 under 40, he aims to having many franchise units under his name. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has a clear goal of working in the board of directors in the future. Working as the CEO in Papa John he has vowed to create a team that embraces teamwork alongside making high-quality unique pizzas. He has the responsibility to manage the development of the company globally and to bringing its product to the world.


Additionally, the company’s aim is to come up with new strategies that will enhance its productivity. Among its strategies are; implementing innovation and technology and products accessibility by clients. With the leadership of Steve Ritchie, Papa John is set to improve its sales techniques through social media instant orders as well as extend its stores in Bahamas. Currently the Pizza company has opened thousands of stores within US and has given job opportunities to over 100,000 people.



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