Victoria Doramus Is An Amazing Consumer Trend Expert

Victoria Doramus is an expert when it comes to consumer trends. She is known to come up with amazing ideas to help with market patterns. Some of her areas of expertise are fashion, lifestyle content, team building, workplace leadership, and the list goes on.

Due to her experience, she is able to come up with new marketing strategies and complete efficient problem-solving. She is currently using the things that she has learned over the years for the charity sector. She is all for helping people who are truly in need and doing her part to make the world better.

Victoria Doramus has a list of people that she has worked with that has helped her to get to this point in her career. She was a creative consultant for places like Stila Cosmetics and J.Crew. She helped with visual materials and concepts.

Victoria Doramus is also a skilled writer. The subjects that she writes the most are arts, trends, branding, marketing, and lifestyle. She has submitted many things to TrendCentral. TrendCentral is an online trend newsletter. She has also written in The Cassandra Report. She enjoys writing so much that she also does ghostwriting. Her writings have been published all over the world.

Victoria Doramus has a passion for helping others. In 2016, she started working with charities that mean a great deal to her. One place that she loves is the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This foundation is named after the awesome British singer Amy Winehouse, who lost her battle with alcohol. She died from alcohol poisoning at the age of twenty-seven. Her father, Mitch, friends, and family started the Foundation soon after. The foundation shares with youth the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol. Also, sharing how to help people who may have a problem with substance abuse. They also utilize music to help educate and support the personal development of the youth. See This Page to learn more.

Victoria Doramus is a great woman in business and philanthropy. She is doing her part to help the initiatives she cares about.


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