Tips On Marketing By Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard grew up in among three children he was a dual citizen of Corsica and Paris. In his young age, he learned values and skills that have stuck with him throughout his life. Steve Lesnard also developed a passion for sports at a young age. Being a child of two parents who worked hard, he saw it was only fit for him to adopt integral values and work hard so that he would achieve. He completed business school in France majoring in entrepreneurship and international business.

While Steve was in school, he ensured he participated in sports which earned him a [position of the president of the sports club and also he was appointed as the one to organize the tournaments and sports activities in the school. Later on, he moved to the USA to further his studies where he pursued an MBA in entrepreneurship in Babson college.

Steve Lesnard insists that in the marketing of products you need to get the essential factors right, marketing of new products continues to change day to day since every day new digital and social mediums that play a role in marketing are invented. According to him, there are a few principles that play a role in making marketing your products:

Simplicity and being captivating. Walt Disney used to say that you always need to get the storyline right which applies in this case as well. The foundation of a marketing plan is everything; if the basics of the marketing plan are trash, then the whole project will not work. Put a little effort and come up with something captivating yet straightforward. An example is that of Peleton where they switched it up in the fitness industry by offering a private indoor cycling studio that is suitable in homes. Go To This Page for related information.

Be realistic. After coming up with a storyline ensure that how you go about it doesn’t make the whole thing vague. Ensure you incorporate aspects that make the marketing of the product realistic and not overly exaggerated. You could integrate maybe videos that show directions on how to use the product and how beneficial it is.

Steve Lesnard is a highly prolific businessman and entrepreneur who is mainly specialized in product marketing. He is a well-known marketer in the United States and a native of Portland. He worked with Nike as the Global Brand Manager and plays a vital role in the prosperity of the company. He holds a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship which he received from Babson College.


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