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Kimberly Bakker Is A Hard Working Mom Boss Who Has Earned Her Success

Kimberly Bakker, the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, makes running a successful business while raising her daughter look easy. To an outsider, it could seem like Bakker’s life is a fairy tale, but looks can be deceiving. Kimberly Bakker works hard for the life that she lives.

There are different aspects of Bakker’s life that have contributed to her success. While growing up, she learned how to appreciate fine things like heirlooms and cherish the history that they represent. Kimberly Bakker uses a lot of these pieces in her home and in her business. It would not be usually for her to show up at an event with her grandmother’s fine tea set. Not only do the heirloom pieces help to set a mood, but the history that they represent does not go unnoticed.

Kimberly Bakker has a diverse set of skills and educational background which has helped to steer her down the path of success. Her professional life has trained her in all aspects of event planning. Though, she has been planning parties since she was a little girl. She loved throwing birthday parties for family members as well as tea parties for beloved stuff friends.

Organization is also important to Bakker and her success. Kimberly Bakker is a well-organized person. Everything is planned out. That includes both her personal and professional lives. She creates very detailed lists to make sure everything gets done.

Due to the fact that her business is very detailed oriented, she makes it a priority to surround herself with a professional team who are like-minded, understand the importance of details, and are schooled in southern hospitality. Making sure that her team shares the same mission has Kimberly Bakker Events, ensures that each event will be a success.

Gazette Day recently published a feature on Kimberly titled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.


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