Malcolm CasSelle Has Been Keeping An Eye On South Korea’s Growing Love Affair With Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular every day, and South Korea is continuing to be a large part of the cryptocurrency exchange market. The country has declared that Bitcoin is a legal and recognized asset, and this is moving the world forward during a time when many people are doubting the stability of cryptocurrency. The gaming industry in South Korea and many other parts of the world are favoring cryptocurrency over fiat currency and Malcolm CasSelle is taking notice.

While others have struggled to find viable options for trading digital items, CasSelle has been helping to build a solid solution. That solution is the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), which is a decentralized platform that allows gamers to trade virtual gaming items with one another. WAX has created its own digital token named the WAX Token, and this is being used as a currency on the popular website. As the blockchain and cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, Malcolm CasSelle expects more users to use WAX. The platform is decentralized, and it runs on blockchain technology. This means it is more secure than many other options, and gamers are loving that.

Malcolm CasSelle is a digital entrepreneur who is the president of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). He also serves as the chief information officer for OPSkins, which offers visitors a way to buy and sell digital items from online video games. Before today, CasSelle worked with tronc as its chief technology officer and president and also served as the general manager and senior vice president of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l.

Malcolm CasSelle has been a large part of setting up many different successful startups. He was a part of Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture that occured between Tencent in China and Groupon. CasSelle attended MIT as well as Stanford University and earned computer science degrees from both colleges. As an investor, he has been very successful and was able to capitalize off of past investments in Zynga and Facebook. He can speak Mandarin and Japanese, which has been very handy as he has done a lot of business in China and Japan.

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