The Predictions of Robert Deignan

Automation is on the decided rise in just about every industry. How exactly this will be affecting all of the industries out there in the future remains a mystery even to such leading tech experts like Robert Deignan. Some of the most renowned scientists in the world are even now investigating how technology will be changing society. There have thus far been a vast amount predictions along with virtually no complete agreements among them. Although Deignan himself is not quite sure what will happen, he is very optimistic that it will all work entirely in our favor.


However, he is clear that although it will work out to our great benefit, we do need to be prepared to vastly readjust how we do things in the future. In any case, we likely have a long wait before automation dominates the work scene since the experts estimate it will be about 120 before technology is developed enough to do so. Most of the experts studying these things have done so in labs. Robert Deignan is one of the few experts that has done his studying of these things in real-world environments.


Automation has been catching steam in the past few years but has a lot of development to go. Right now automated machines are basically only good for rudimentary repetitive activities. Although the experts predict that machine technology may develop so profoundly that they may eventually be able to replace professionals such as therapists, social workers, and teachers, Robert Deignan says the human element is always going to be required because consumers and patients will always prefer dealing with an actual human being.


And this means that even if the technology is there, we may not actually be seeing it since it will only be made a reality if there is a demand for it. For this reason, experts say that all jobs that involve some kind of personal involvement will probably not be automated that much if at all.

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