Roseann Bennett Helps Patients With Mental Disorders To Acquire Treatment


Mental health is a person’s cognitive, behavioral as well as emotional wellbeing. It’s a collection of feelings, thoughts, and how the human brain functions. The term mental health can also be used to describe the absence of a mental disorder. Mental health can interfere with a person’s daily life, relationships, as well as their physical health. It includes your ability to enjoy life and attain a balance between daily activities and the effort to achieve psychological resilience. When it comes to mental health, not everyone has the luxury to enjoy their daily activities because of mental disorders. While dozens of mental illnesses have been identified, many patients cannot afford treatment. Therefore, Roseann Bennett has established an organization to help such individuals.


Who is Bennett?

Roseann Bennett is the co-founder and director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It’s a nonprofit organization for mental healthcare. The licensed marriage therapist has vast experience in marital and family issues, treatment planning, and case management. Over the years, Bennett has worked with various families and adolescents. Moreover, Bennett has also worked with low income earning families through the organization. She is a qualified American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She also serves as the Northern Chapter President of the New Jersey Association for Family Therapy.


Community Service

Roseann Bennett has been serving in the community as an in-home therapist. She found her footing in outpatient therapy and realized the need for helping those who waited for treatment for more than nine months. Bennett holds that prompt mental health services focused on assisting individuals with low-income levels were scarce. The patients always went back to her for treatment because she was kind enough to offer her services free of charge. Find More Information Here.

To Bennett and her husband, changing the perception of mental healthcare was a priority. Bennett is now a revered mental healthcare provider for thousands who cannot afford better services.


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