Neurocore the Future of Brain Performance

Neurocore Brain Performance Center was founded in 2004, and specializes in providing data-driven, brain-based assessments and training programs to children and adults. This innovative Brain Performance Center utilizes EEG, qEEG and Neurofeedback to help improve sleep disorders, mental disabilities, and even helps reduce stress. Neurocare patients are learning to enhance their minds and their bodies ultimately strengthening the two’s connection. Advances in technology such as EEG, neurofeedback and brain mapping has been used to to treat mental disorders such as ADHD, ASD, depression and anxiety. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore itself is extremely invested in brain training. The Portland Trail Blazers have considered started utilizing this resource as apart of their athletic training protocol. Neuropsychologist and founder, Dr. Tim Royer, is sure brain training is the up and coming innovation in the world of professional athletic performance. Dr. Royer’s process teaches athletes how and when to get in the zone of peak performance, just using their brains. It also teaches them how to slow the brain now to recover fully with its body’s systems. Read more about Neurocore at

There is nothing new about the concept that the mind plays a vital role in performance. Mental strengthening is apart of basic training in the military. Mind-over-matter is real. Performing rituals, breathing deeply, etc. triggers muscle memory and allows athletes to tap into their subconscious.

Dr. Royer started Neurocore as a drug free way to treat children with attention deficit disorders. Brains have neuroplasticity, meaning that they can change and be exercised, just like the body. ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders for children. Majority of the research of neurofeedback has been conducted towards treating ADHD. Neurocore is building onto this knowledge of neurotherapy for children, teens and adults with ADHD with a lot of success. In the thousands of children treated by Neurocore 85% experienced a noticeable change in their ADHD symptoms and 53% no longer met symptomatic thresholds of ADHD. Many cases of this in children can be linked to learning disabilities, poor sleep, vision problems or other conditions. Neurocore is making strides in this industry to help as many people as they can.


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