Email is one of the most used forms of communication. One cannot escape using it no matter the location. The email inbox has a habit of piling up emails every day. Due to the junk flow of emails, one may not know what is essential. The excellent and vital emails are hidden beneath the hundreds of junks. Two fellows aged 24decided to find a solution to this challenge. They are JoJo Hedaya who is the COO and Cofounder of and his partner called Josh Rosenwald. The problem he could send emails to his partner Josh, but he never got to see any of the emails. is a service of unsubscribing born out of frustration. scans all the emails in seconds and bring them into a single mail. It is called the roll-up where the subscriptions are in one unique correspondence. One can also unsubscribe from the emails they are not interested into with just one click. Josh and JoJo Hedaya are friends since college. They shared ideas and developed He says that their aim was not to compete with similar services in the market. They had a goal of making things easy for the user. Refer to This Article for related information.


Retrieving important emails was the greatest challenge to the majority of the people. They have created a simple and easy process where one can view all the subscriptions and can unsubscribe with just a single click. JoJo Hedaya advice aspiring entrepreneurs to work hard. It is because the journey to success has a lot of challenges on the way. He tells them to learn the skills. Skills are better than having a degree without skills.


In 2017, JoJo Hedaya attended a startup grind NYC. The company has gained over a million users while still under his leadership. It shows that he is doing an excellent job in the company. He has been able to publicize it and convince customers to use the service. The flexibility and simplicity of this service are what encourages people to use the service.


JoJo Hedaya is a goal oriented man. His passion and love for simplicity drive him into improving the unroll. Me service. He has worked towards helping the users have full control over their inboxes. It will assist them never to miss relevant information.


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