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Michael Burwell is a successful business person and a financial expert. He is the current CFO of Willis Towers Watson, an organization that produces a variety of services in terms of advice and consultancy to other organizations. Willis Towers Watson is based in Detroit and is headed by the current CEO John Haley, who oversaw the succession from the previous CFO to Michael Burwell. Michael Burwell joined the firm late in 2017 with a unique set of invaluable skills which include, tons of experience in the financial industry, his education and his CPA expertise.


Michael Burwell’s success in financial management, broking and investment in previous years, however, is what the first is relying on upon its plans to expand their market reach and the services that they offer in the future. He has acquired over thirty years of experience in business transactions management and business advisory from working with PwC, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC.


After he made partner at the PwC, Michael Burwell was charged with overseeing business transactions all over the US, a role that he took on and achieved success with ease. Burwell’s achievements and leadership saw him named the chief of operations and the chief financial officer of PwC, then he became the vice chair for us and global transformation, a position that put him in the international limelight before he joined Willis Towers Watson in his current position.


The man behind the successful career.

Michael Burwell works within a number of philosophies in and out of the business industry. One of them is understanding the value of networking and maintaining connections with other people and organizations. Another is utilizing efficiency in every transaction or operation. For this philosophy, Michael Burwell explains that making more with less is an effective way of improving and maintaining an efficient bottom line. Mr. Burwell also emphasizes learning from experience and taking a risk when making bold moves for you to build a successful career.


His advice for young and ambitious business people is patience, diligence and learning to let go of projects that have a low likelihood of success. The decision to let go of a project that one has put much effort and time it is never easy but gives you a chance to grab another better opportunity than waiting for something that might never happen.


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