Talkspace Is Here To Help Everyone

Talkspace is an online program that gives individuals the chance to get the help they need in one place. Talkspace has numerous certified licensed therapists ready to help others through text based therapy. This app lets you sign in and have instant access to your certified therapist allowing you to ask questions and talk to them when you need to. Talkspace has affordable programs in place that allow you to sign up without needing insurance beforehand.

Michael Phelps Relies On Talksapce

They brought in Phelps because of his own struggles with his own demons. Having struggled with numerous anxiety and panic attacks, he overcame them by getting the help he needed. Having gone through that, he knows that the power of Talkspace can save lives. He explains in numerous interviews what he believes this program can do for struggling teens and even adults who don’t want to go to normal therapy. Phelps and the other people around the program want to help remove the stigma behind getting help. There is still judgement to be found by those who don’t understand what it means to get help. Talkspace wants to change how people view getting real help.

Josh Wolff is a staff writer with the Talkspace website. He has explained that this form of therapy is a great way for teens and adults to genuinely learn more about themselves. It let’s them examine themselves and look deeper into their problems that can better improve how they operate. There are so many aspects that make up depression and anxiety, but the way out involves getting help and better understanding how you feel.

Talkspace is such a wonderful resource for anybody in need of serious help. The brand is currently still growing, and countless people are already finding this to be just what they need to overcome their biggest struggles. It can be scary if you feel alone and can’t handle the stress, but Talkspace is here to help you out on overcoming your biggest obstacles.

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