Richard Liu Qiangdong: Using Drone Technology To Lower Operational Costs And Minimize Delivery Time


It’s only for a short time and before most of the organizations around the world have incorporated technology in their activities. However, some of the companies have already incorporated advanced methods in their operations with aim of outperforming other organizations in the same industry. Richard Liu Qiangdong, the owner of, one of the largest online store in China, and has noted that his company will be using the drone technology to deliver products to consumers.


According to Richard Liu, drone technology will change the parcel delivery industry and make it faster and less costly as compared to other methods of delivering products. While being interviewed by China News and Broadcasting Corporation, CNBC, the founder of noted that online retail stores will be able to provide quality services to the customers. They will also be able to deliver their products to areas that have been designated as no-fly-zones.


Richard Liu Qiangdong notes that a large number of companies that deliver their products or services to the doorstep of the customer are experiencing extremely high prices as they transport those products. Most of the customers are located in long distance areas where the online retail outlets don’t have a physical office or store. This means that the entity has to use a car or an airplane to deliver the products to the expected destination.


Using vehicles and airplane to deliver products is a complex and expensive logistical affair that wants to eradicate. Liu Quiangdong notes that has more than 70,000 delivery employees who deliver products to various customers in various parts of the country. Paying such a huge number is an expensive undertaking that the entities want to minimize. The whole delivery process is complicated by the fact that vehicles are sometimes slow, especially in areas with bad roads.


Richard Liu Qiangdong notes that will soon launch the use of drone delivery services, which will significantly help the entity to cut operational costs. The company is not only interested in cutting operational costs but it is also interested in minimizing delivery time. Drones are expected to fly to the far ends of the country within short period as there is not traffic in the air. See This Page for more information.


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