Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Love To Create New Music For Fans Of The Chainsmokers

Due to the use of social media, more and more people are able to connect. This goes for celebrities and artists as well. For the Chainsmokers, they use Instagram as a way to keep in touch with their fans. Through the use of the account, they are able to hear what other people think about their music. For them, nothing beats being told about the children of the adults who are listening to their music and enjoying it.

The age bracket for those people who are listening to the Chainsmokers is not one age over the other. There are multiple age groups all listening to the band. The music being made by the group is easy to relate to because the fans are able to hear what is going on with the duo because of the new music being released.

In previous albums, the band was not so forth coming about their music. They were releasing tracks that would climb the charts but they were more or less a dance or electronic mix single versus the music they are making now. With vocals being added to the music, the band is showcasing more of the talent they hold.


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Throw it back to the Golden that started it all

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Andrew Taggart has been front in center for vocals in recent times for the bands music. The vocals that have been added to the albums is causing the fans to feel closer to the band mates and to have more of a private, intimate setting. This is one point that has helped them to continue to stay on top of the charts single after single.

For anyone who know’s anything about the music business knows that it can take time to work their way to a top charting single. For The Chainsmokers, this has not been such a deal because they spent much of their time performing in the clubs and hot spots around the NYC area. Because they had put in the hard work in the clubs, more people knew who they were and immediately took to the singles that were being released by the Chainsmokers. With each new single being released, there are higher number of fans being reached and causing the duo to stay even longer on top of the charts.

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