Gregory Aziz: The Revitalization And Resurgence Of National Steel Car


There are so many businesses that do not make it. In fact, many of the facts and around the sad reality that businesses do not make any profits while in their first five years of business. Typically, this is a time where they are focused on overhead costs and inventory. Other times they are trying to train staff members and develop clients. It can be a very stressful time for someone trying to get their business up off the ground.

Gregory James Aziz knew that when you take on an established business that is already in peril it can have the same headaches. He learned that lesson with National Steel Car. It seems that much of his life was about learning the ins and outs of the business.

11949 was a rather eventful year for the Aziz household. Their young son James Aziz had arrived, and the world was open with a multitude of possibilities for him. The growth in the young boy worked in parallel with the growth of his family’s company Affiliated Foods. This company was way ahead of its time. It became known all over the world because of their unique shipping methods for grocery supplies. See Related Link to learn more.

The company executives wanted to find a way to successfully ship produce to North American grocery stores from Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. When they were successful in doing this, they had set a high bar for the competition. Gregory Aziz learned a great lesson from those business practices.

This lesson in business practices would prove to be an invaluable tool as he embarked on his quest to run his own company. Gregory Aziz had seen the success experienced by his family throughout the years and he wanted a chance to earn some for himself. National Steel Car stood in Hamilton, Ontario in need of a good leader. Dofasco no longer wanted anything to do with the company and decided to sell in 1994. Gregory James Aziz found this to be a wonderful opportunity to exercise his negotiating skills and secure the small company. Soon, National Steel Car would be on the map because of his hard work.

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In fact, National Steel Car is regarded as a major contributor to the business community today. They are the leading manufacturer for railroad freight cars and rolling stock materials. The work that they do is invaluable to the global economy. Gregory James Aziz has proven that with the correct form of leadership a floundering company can revitalize itself and come out on top of its competitors.


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