Lets look at the world of Michel Terpins.

Michel Terpins is one of Brazil’s best-known rally drivers. Rodrigo has been competing in the same since 2002 and has been able to prove that he was more than a good cross-country champion. Before he joined the rallying world, he was rider competing in the Brazilian Cross-Country championship. He had joined the competition as a junior rider, but had been able to overcome a lot of competition to sit at the top of the competition. His family has always been passionate about sports given his father, Jack Terpins was a professional basketball player. His father always encouraged him to join a sport and excel at it. What he did not know was that his son would excel in two sports and do so on a national level. His career has had several highlights one being when he finally won the cross-country championship.

His move to the world of rally was encouraged by his brother Rodrigo Terpins who sought to have him cross over as he knew he had much more than just a rider. The transition finally happened in 2002, and they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This would at the time start as a two-person operation that was barely well equipped for competitions. As the years went by and with the constant good performances on the Sertoes rally one of the country’s toughest outings, they started attracting sponsors. This would help Michel Terpins put together a professional outfit for the team that included mechanics, support and crew. For more details visit terra.com



They have transformed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team into a professional outfit that today represents a greater aspiration. The two brothers previously competed as a unit in one team, but as the need for increased representation for the team grew, they split each taking his own vehicle and looking for a navigator. Rodrigo Terpins has made more than ten appearances for his team, and during this time his performance has improved drastically. The team has also grown and is today sponsored by MEM Motorsport that develops the team’s official racing car the T-Rex. As he looks forward to the coming edition of the Sertoes rally he can only hope to improve on his last performance.


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