Jeff Herman On Law And Getting Organized

Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law. This is a nationally recognized firm that acts as a voice to hundreds of adult clients that were sexually abused or suffered some form of violence. Jeff Herman is also child advocate. He is the legal voice for children that have been sexually exploited and abused too. Herman is one legal professional that is very passionate about finding justice for his clients. Today, Jeff Herman works extensively with clients that have been sexually abused or suffered some form of violence. n 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser. He has been referred to in the media as the “Dark Knight”, fighting for the most vulnerable victims. Herman has also been referred to as the “legal eagle” and the “Go-To-Guy” for sexual abuse lawsuits.


Living A Productive Life

Jeff Herman is a very busy lawyer. However, he is also a very organized man that runs a very efficient law firm. Herman believes the secret to living a productive life and running a productive, law firm begins with taking a case and breaking it down into simple and uncomplicated steps. His team completes each step in a timely matter. Each step must be completed before continuing on to the next step. Herman states that some people are visual. Certainly, he is a very visual individual and breaks down a case by creating a visual map to draw out the time line of the case. This demonstrates the progress of the case in a very visual way. Visit This Page for additional information.


Empowering Victims

Jeff Herman relates that at one time, it was very difficult for people that were victims of abuse to speak up about their abuse and find others that had suffered the same kind of abuse. However, things have changed dramatically today. Clearly, this is due to the Internet, which has the power to bring people together to talk about the abuse and provides a platform for people to exchange and share ideas. This coming together online and exchanging information is a way to empower those people that have been victimized.


Handling Abusive Cases

Jeff Herman is very passionate about his work. Often, he deals with the worst of humanity. At one time, he thought about quitting. Jeff Herman admits that the job is emotionally draining, but he has found that bio-metric training helped him to cope with those feelings. It’s made him feel empowered to carry on his advocacy for the abused.





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