A Look At What Samoa Offers To Tourists

     There are a number of airlines that fly to Fagali I Airport which lies on one the main island that makes up the nation of Samoa. Polynesian Airlines is owned by this country’s federal government and they have flights to this single airstrip airport. They doubled the number of daily flights to this airport to 14 back in December 2016. Talofa Airways also has flights each day to this airport. They have seven or eight flights each day and their planes are usually full. Real Tonga Airline started flights to this airport in June 2018 and they provide air travel between Apia, Samoa, and Vava’u, Tonga.

Samoa is a popular tourist destination, particularly for those who live in Australia and New Zealand. Many people who go through Fagali I Airport are also doing so as they live in one of the tropical countries in the area and want to visit family and friends in Samoa. For those who are there as tourists there are many hotels on Upolu, the island on which Apia and the Fagali I Airport lie. The price of staying at these hotels is pretty affordable. Some hotels, like the Tatiana Motel Tanugamanono, charge just $30 a night. For those who want a nice hotel which includes modern amenities such as wi-fi a good choice would the Skyview Villas Tiapapata which can be had for $152 a night.

Samoa is a beautiful nation with stunning landscapes. There are volcanic mountains, lush tropical vegetation, stunning waterfalls, and white-sand beaches. The people are also very hospitable to tourists and Apia, which is where Fagali I Airport is located, features plenty of restaurants, bars, and places to shop. For those who want to experience authentic Polynesian food the permanent outdoor produce market would be a great place to stop. It features local tropical fruits many of which are unique to Samoa.

Other things to see while visiting Samoa is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This famous author spent his last days in this home that was converted to a museum after he passed away. It features beautiful outdoor gardens and inside this author’s artifacts are on display as are other items from his time period.

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