Hussain Sajwani’s Childhood Lessons Impact Positively On His Career

Lessons from his fathers have played a significant part in his success. Hussain Sajwani, the owner and founder of the DAMAC properties, is ranked as one of the wealthiest men, in the Middle East. He is even referred to the Donald Trump of the Arabic countries.

Hussain Sajwani was born to a businessman, and this family business was his encounter with running a business. Hussain observed as his father did business. One of the critical lessons Hussain learned from his father was to observe the market trends and make changes that increase your business. Read more about Sajwani’s history on

Throughout his years in business, Hussain has used this lesson to expand his business globally. In addition to his background in business, Hussain also studied economics as well as industrial engineering, and this too has helped in succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Before joining the business world, Hussain Sajwani worked in a financial institution for a while, the experience at the financial institution did not make him fulfilled, and he decided to quit and venture into business.

According to Forbes Middle East, Hussain’s first enterprise was catering company. The company could supply food in both America and the Middle East. The catering business saw Hussain work closely with the government and this helped sharpen his skills even more.

After several years in the catering industry, Hussain decided to expand his horizon by constructing hotels. Hussain Sajwani identified there was a gap in the hotel industry in his country. He established several hotels, and the hotels would not only provide a different experience but were designed to offer accommodation.

A few years later, Hussain expanded his hotel business, to luxurious hotels. Dubai was slowly becoming a favorite destination among many, but there was a shortage in resting rooms. This was lead to the emergence of DAMAC properties.

DAMAC properties did not only focus on international tourists but also targeted the local tourists. This has lead to the high growth of the company.

DAMAC properties, construct luxurious business premises, homes as well as hotels. Hussain has managed to work with famous and qualified designers to work on some of the projects. Hussain has managed to work with Tiger Woods on a hotel project.

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