The Prominence Of Husain Sajwani And His Accomplishments Throughout His Career Life

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. He has vast experience not only in the industry but also in other companies in other sectors. One of the things that have made him a successful entrepreneur he is today is his family background. He came from a business-oriented family here his father was a business person in his community. He used to sell imported goods such as watches and pens from China while his mother was a hawker who used to sell ladies’ accessories locally.

Hussain Sajwani wanted to maintain his father’s legacy but at higher levels. He was one of the students who performed well in their high school education and managed to acquire a scholarship from the government t study in one of the best universities in the United States. He went to the University of Washington where he attained his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

Hussain Sajwani managed to work in some companies before starting his businesses. He worked at Abu Dhabi Gas industry the finance department but after some time, he realized that he needed to explore his capabilities in entrepreneurship and decided to start his ventures. He was the founder of the company that is today known as the Global Logistic Services. He started it as a catering venture that targeted the United States Army and according to Hussain Sajwani, nothing he starts that is left uncompleted.

Hussain Sajwani is one person who always has a nose for new opportunities. When the Dubai Government allowed foreigners to buy land in Emirates, he took that opportunity and purchased various properties that he turned them into apartments. This is how he founded the DAMAC Properties where he is the Chairman and the president of the company.

He has been able to be influential to his team to cope up with various challenges in the real estate industry to ensure the continuity of the company. Today, the company has developed a significant number of properties both residential and luxury properties not only in Dubai but also in other parts of the world.

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