Victoria Doramus-What I Wished I Knew Then

Victoria Doramus is an expert in helping people get out of addiction and on the road to recovery, whether the issue is alcohol or drugs. Based out of London, England, she helps thousands of people who need her help, the reason she is so good at what she does, is because she is speaking from experience. She has been there, experienced being addicted and having to crawl out of that world and into the world of recovery. She understands everything about it and there is no better way to help someone than by having gone through that same experience, feeling the same feelings, and dealing with the same issues you have. She talked more about this on her website.

It took Victoria six years and several tries before she was able to be completely sober and clean, she has been through it all and had to really hit rock bottom to see what it really would take for her to make the journey successfully. Victoria has now finally learned that you cannot really beat your addiction by yourself and because of that, she now wants to have her own recovery program but do things a little differently.

She wants her program to be associated with the “Twelve Steps” but not completely based on them. Victoria Doramus sees her program more focused on people working together and answering to each other and being responsible to themselves, she has returned to New York and is in the process of making that happen. She says that she has finally learned that being addicted is not really about whatever you are addicted to, that is just a small part of a much bigger picture. It is so big that you can not truly break free and kick addiction by yourself and once you get that then you can then reach the point of leaving that world and become sober. For her, the issue was trying to have and keep control over everything, she now knows she would has to give up that thought of controlling her life and how things go. Once she got that then she could leave addiction and be alright.

Victoria says her next big issue was the emotional part of being clean and sober, she struggles so she gets help and support from going to group counseling, helping other people with addiction and getting help through therapy.


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