Victoria Doramus Is Forecasting Fashion From London To L.A.

Victoria Doramus is a marketing analyst who has an expansive background in her chosen field of fashion and design. Not only does she have a unique perspective from a global market and retail consumer standpoint in identifying fashion trends, Victoria has professional experience as a writer, editor and trend consultant.

With a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder concentrating on advertising copy writing and completion of coursework at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London in Contemporary Design with an emphasis on Fashion History, Victoria Doramus has a solid educational foundation upon which her knowledge of the fashion industry is built.

Victoria Doramus has a broad knowledge base of experience including literary work as a ghost writer on four books, trend correspondent and consultant for several major news publishers as well as a contributor on several well known daytime television programs. She also has written articles for a private blog and was a trend editor for an up and coming trend forecasting company in Los Angeles in addition to being a personal assistant for a television and film director.

In the fashion industry, fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye. This is why it is important to have an expert on your team who can anticipate trends in fashion first before they become a part of popular culture and are old news.

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has the right balance of education and professional work background to be that forecaster of trends and she has a proven track record of providing valuable input in the fashion world that is important to so many organizations. And with the ability to easily communicate and share her knowledge with consumers worldwide who rely on fashion tips and advice from the experts, she is an obvious asset to any team.


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