Gregory Aziz The National Man Of Steel

Gregory James Aziz is an exceptional individual, one of sheer excellence, with a keen understanding of economics. Since Gregory J Aziz became National Steel Car’s Chairman, President, and chief executive officer, the company expanded at an exhilarating rate. However, purchasing National Steel Car from the steel producing giant Dofasco was not the beginning or the first success for Greg Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz began his journey just north of Lake Erie in London, Ontario on April 30 1949. The Canadian city in the south west of Ontario is where his interest in business sparked. Greg Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario, where he attained a degree in economics following his education at Ridley College. After he received his degree, he joined his family’s wholesale food import and distribution business, Affiliated Foods in 1971. Greg Aziz’s work assisted the company prosper in becoming a worldwide importer. Over a sixteen-year span, Affiliated Foods managed to import fresh food from Europe, as well as from Central, and South America. While Greg Aziz was aboard, the company’s reach expanded, and they tapped into the major wholesale fresh food markets to distribute all across North America. Greg Aziz’s achievements in the wholesale fresh food markets was a mere stepping stone, his ambitious nature led him to New York City soon after.


Once in New York, Gregory James Aziz showed his versatility by working in a few investment banking opportunities. This then generated the capital needed to obtain National Steel Car from it’s previous owner Dofasco who had purchased the Hamilton based company in 1962 and caused its business to decline significantly by 1990. In 1994, when Greg Aziz took over National Steel Car, his vision was to transform the company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturers. Amazingly, he was able to do so within 5 years. Greg Aziz expanded the company’s manufacturing capability from 3,500 cars per annum to a staggering 12,000. National Steel Car employment rate grew as well, from approximately 600 to just under 3,000. National Steel Car now leads the industry in new car innovations since the company received TTX Company’s Supplier Evaluation Committee Award in 1996.


When Greg Aziz is not transforming companies, he is contributing to the performing arts in the Hamilton community. National Steer Car has also sponsored numerous local charities, such as the Salvation Army and numerous other local charities. Greg Aziz along with his wife, Irene also show their humanitarian spirit by contributing to Canada’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with an annual Christmas Party for National Steel Car employees. Employees from past and present are invited to attend with their families.

Greg Aziz has an ambitious mind-set, and his admiration for his trade is boundless. He made his life work about reaching excellence and improving the transportation industry. In short, Greg Aziz made his life about better serving his community and as much of the world as possible. He’s truly an extraordinary person.


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