Nurturing Young Talents by Rocketship Education.

Rocketship is an educational institution that was set up in 2006 with the aim of helping children from poor backgrounds to access quality education. It has its roots in California. Years later, the number of schools in the San Jose region was increased to 5. Each has an average of 450 students. The learners are served with free lunch. Most of them speak English as a second language. According to a top blogger, Anya Kamenetz, the institution has a national recognition as it employs innovative strategies of education. Some individuals have argued that the practice is not unique as it is common in similar schools. The learners are introduced to new technology while still young. Some articles on the school have described it as a company despite being a non-profit institution. The word “company” is often associated with commercial enterprises.

According to some individuals, the non-profit organizations depend on profit-oriented firms to finance their main operations. The amount of tax charged on the two types of organizations is different. The non-profit organizations pay less taxes to the government. Anya Kamenetz has often defended Rocketship Education from many critics who have complained about its operations. The blogger explained that the word “company” was only used to avoid repetition in the article. Some individuals have argued that the article was published intentionally with the aim of generating controversy while at the same time questioning how the article with a controversial term was approved by NPR’s editorial team. Some people are still waiting for a formal response from NPR concerning the article.

Rocketship Education helps their students to achieve their full potential through the use of a modern curriculum. The institution believes that each student has unique abilities. The parents are actively involved in the running of the school. Transparency is one of the school’s core values. All the students are offered an equal opportunity to attain their personal goals. Rocketship Education invests a lot of time and resources to improve the services that it offers. The learners are trained in how to be successful after their education. The organization hires highly experienced teachers to equip the students with valuable skills in their academic and co-curricular activities.

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