Sheldon Lavin: Thoughful, Visionary And Beloved CEO Of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI Group, one of the world’s largest food processing companies. He has been involved with the company since the 1970s. Initially, the owners of the company turned to Sheldon Lavin‘s financial services company for the resources they needed to get larger facilities, new equipment and expand. Not only did Lavin do that, he also began investing in the company. When the company’s original owners retired in the late 1970s, Lavin owned enough stock to take over the company. He instituted a number of forward-thinking environmental policies and created a global expansion plan.

A former banking executive, Sheldon Lavin has degrees in business administration, finance and accounting. But he is also an astute businessman who recognized the potential for growth the OSI Group had. Lavin hired a team of innovative, talented, highly-skilled professionals, shared his vision for the company’s future and now the OSI Group has millions of customers in 85 countries. The company has also built over 70 food processing plants throughout the United States and around the world. There are now OSI food processing facilities in North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia because of Lavin’s work.

Asia was one of the markets on which Sheldon Lavin focused his expansion activities. He has built 10 poultry processing plants in China and food processing facilities in Japan, India, Taiwan and the Philippines. He also built processing plants in Hungary, Poland, Germany and Spain and purchased food services companies like Flagship Europe in the United Kingdom and Baho Foods in the Netherlands to grow the companies customer base in Europe. Plus, Sheldon Lavin has formed partnerships with companies in Brazil, Mexico and many other places around the world that have contributed to the OSI Group’s international growth.

But Lavin has not been a mercenary ‘growth at any cost’ corporate chief executive. His thoughtful environmental management practices have won the company the British Safety Council’s prestigious ‘Globe of Honor’ several times. The excellent worker safety and benefits plans Lavin created has earned him the love and dedication of the company‘s 20,000 employees around the globe. Countless organizations around the world praise the 86 year old husband and father as the perfect role model for young executives. In 2016 the Vision World Academy, which is based in India, gave its ‘Global Visionary’ award to Sheldon Lavin for his work in building the OSI Group.

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