What Dick DeVos Looks At When Thinking About Ways to Provide Assistance

It is common for people to want to provide assistance to people and communities. However, people who want to make a significant difference need to look at a few factors. Dick DeVos has looked at the factors that go into helping people and making a lasting difference. For instance, people who are in poverty could benefit from food so that they can eat for a little bit of time. However, the person who is able to teach the people who are in poverty how to survive in the current market conditions are going to make the most difference in the lives of people.


Dick DeVos sets up organizations and schools so that they can train up students in business. Dick himself has a lot of examples that he can use to teach students. For one thing, he has a career that is riddled with owning businesses and holding leadership positions. One thing that he has to tell people is that the life of an employee is not going to get them very far. He is going to have to teach them how to change their mindset so that they can actually move forward with some high goals that will take them to a higher quality of living.


Dick DeVos has a history of working for companies such as Amway. As a matter of fact, he was also an owner of the company for a time. He has taken advice from his father who was the original owner of the company. The advice that he has taken has helped him keep the company from failing. One very important thing that Dick DeVos has learned about is keeping up with the changes in the market. This is one of the aspects of business that he can teach others he is helping.


One of the types of people that Dick DeVos respects are those who have made the most of their circumstances and have moved up from them. It is very possible for people to take the time needed to learn about a new activity that will earn them money in the long run. Dick and Betsy are working with the education industry in order to help them adjust their lessons so that students can grow up with practical skills. Among the things they will be able to develop are critical thinking skills and money management skills with the help of the right type of education.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

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