In Case of an Emergency Medical Crisis Visit Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Eric M. Forsthoefl is a board certified Emergency Medicine specialist based in Tallahassee FL, in the United States. He currently works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare which is a surgical and general medicine healthcare facility. The hospital has been highly rated in 2 adult procedures and conditions in the metropolitan and state area for offering good services in several areas of care for adults. The rating which is normally given by the discharged inpatients on different areas of the service rendered is an indicator of the commendable services offered by Dr. Forsthoefel and his team.

Dr. Forsthoefel is a medical graduate of the school of medicine of the University of Louisville in 2009 as well as New Orleans’s Louisiana State University in 2012. After graduation, Dr. Forsthoefel went to LSU Medical Center for residency studies.

Over the last six years of medical practice, Dr. Forsthoefel has perfected the art of attending and handling patients with extremely urgent conditions and sometimes of dangerous nature such as cases of trauma, cardiac distress, fractures among other acute conditions. As an emergency physician, he has been trained to treat patients with serious and urgent medical crisis through making fast life-saving decisions to restore their state to a stable level before taking them to the most suitable department for a more intense care or discharging them. In this case, Dr. Forsthoefel and his team in the emergency room are expected to have deep experience in different medical areas and knowledge while attending to the patients.

Eric Forsthoefel does have appointments with his patients in his office in Tallahassee. There, he also takes in new patients and accepts different insurance plans from his patients which include Medicare, Aetna, First Health among others.

Dr. Forsthoefel is an English speaker but is also good in Spanish, and he at times incorporate it into his practice.

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