Alexandre Gama Wins At Life And In Advertising

     Advertisers all around Brazil – as far north as Roraima and as south as Rio Grande do Sul – hate serving businesses whose competitors have hired Neogama or Alexandre Gama to represent those competing organizations in marketing campaigns.

Why would anyone not want to compete against the best of the best?

Alexandre Gama is widely respected across advertising, marketing, communications, and other relevant business circles around the South American continent – especially Brazil – though virtually every advertiser hates competing against Mr. Gama because he’s likely the most successful marketing agent to grace Brazil’s economy.

Gaining market share in businesses that are represented by Neogama, Alexandre Gama, or any organization affiliated with the business-mogul pair is remarkably difficult. That’s why nobody likes to compete against the greatness that is Mr. Alexandre Gama.


He’s not just successful at advertising

Mr. Gama is an avid fan of music played on acoustic guitars, rather than their mixed, mastered counterparts that are recorded in studios with high-tech sound recording equipment that essentially makes the sound of bare guitars absent from such finished tracks.

Alexandre Gama decided to bring his favorite style of music to people across the globe by founding VIOLAB, an organization that helps expose native Brazilian guitar players to fellow Brazilian music lovers. VIOLAB has resulted in several of its most well-liked participants finding a solid platform to ignite the proverbial rocket of success in the music industry out of this world.

The program brings together a professional recording studio, a label that backs artists considered by Alexandre Gama to be good enough to play for VIOLAB on a regular basis and represent the label, a free YouTube channel that makes videos available to the entire world, and a daily radio program that features several different artists daily.

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