Gregory Aziz And The Transformation Of NSC

The prosperity of the company led to the interest and funding by a number of investors around Canada. That kept the business going and flourishing for a few years, led by Greg Aziz as the CEO, National Steel Car was able to reach the top of its line of work.


The flourishing times, however, lasted only until the onset of the Great Depression that broke out in Canada and in the United States of America. A subsidiary of National Industries Inc., National Steel Car had amassed a large amount of fortune which helped cushion the blow of the Great Depression. The company had expanded significantly since its inception, but at the same time, the work orders were insufficient to maintain the proportions of the corporation, and that led to a dramatic downsizing of its workforce. The National Steel Car had to let go of many of its workers and to learn to be flexible to survive.


There were several businesses in its line of work that were far more flexible than the National Steel Car. That allowed them to thrive in the harsh times. The National Steel Car took a page from their book and also started to work on other products other than the manufacturing of railroad transportation cars. Instead, the company began to accept orders for engines and different types of productions. Even though it was not its specialization, that allowed it to stay above water and get back to business later on. View More Information Here.


The rough patch in the company’s history delivered a significant blow to its future and stunted its growth for years to come. That changed when the Second World War broke out The National Steel Car started being successful again as it had many clients ordering railroad transportation cars. The growth was not sustainable, and after the end of the war, the business was slow again.



Now on top of the company is Gregory James Aziz. Aziz has restored the business and transformed it into an international company. Greg James Aziz has been at the helm of the business for nearly 30 years. He acquired it from Dofasco and set out to work. He had some previous experience in business and was able to make beneficial decisions. Greg Aziz has the goal of expanding the National Steel Car further and to maintain its long legacy as a company that is older than a century.

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