Michael Burwell Joins Willis Watson Towers As New CFO

During the later months of 2017, Willis Watson Towers underwent a number of notable changes in their management, particularly concerning the CFO of the company. In October, the company announced that they would be instating Michael Burwell to be the CEO of the company. Burwell would be entrusted with overseeing all of the main functioning of the company, particularly all of the financial operations at Willis Watson Towers. He started performing all of his actions as soon as the announcement for his initiation was made public.



Since taking over as the CFO of the company, Willis Watson Towers has already been able to see a notable amount of improvement at the company with the several implementations that improved the overall workings of the company. Already being a proficient member of the financial sector, Burwell has been using his skill and expertise to guide the company in a direction that is favorable for their development. Overall, Burwell’s contribution to the company has been positive, and none of this would have been possible without the experience that he has gained by working for multiple big names in the past.



Before joining Willis Towers Watson, and taking over as their CFO, Burwell was known for being the COO of Global Transformation services. The company blossomed under his guidance and rose to be one of the tops of its kind. Having served in executive positions like this in the past has also been something that has benefited the workings of Burwell and the work that he is currently doing in his new position. The work that he did while working at Global Transformation Services has also helped him professionally, teaching him valuable lessons that would help him become a better role model to the employees working at the company, and Willis Watson Towers as a whole.



Having such a reputed executive on board in one of the most notable positions at the company was a big step, and many executives who were already working in the company had come forward to extend their warm welcomes to the new CFO of the company. Among these were the CEO and Chairman of the company, who stated that they were honored to have someone like Burwell on board with them to help the company and its various endeavors. They further stated that his work is surely on a route to helping the company fulfill the goals that they had set down in the past. Get Related Information Here.



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