Gregory James Aziz Made National Steel Car The Lemonade That People Needed From The Lemons It Had Become

For a company that is over 100 years old, Gregory J Aziz’s National Steel Car is an example of a company that has lived beyond the Proverbial 9 lives of a cat. The company was started in Ontario back in 1912. The imperial authorities commissioned the beginning of what was then known as the Imperial Car Company.

The company was a flagship carrier of the region in the manufacture locomotive transport coaches and freight tanks. It carved a niche for itself as an efficient high-quality railroad car manufacturing outfit. The Company was soon renamed the National Steel Car Company. It was, indeed, a national company in all respects. However, owing to changing economic circumstances, the company started slowing down. It was later run by Dofasco Group. The group operated the rail tank manufacturer for many years until they also threw in the towel and sold it to Gregory James Aziz who didn’t take long to get its groove back.



Leveraging a History of High Quality for Success


One of the first major undertakings that Gregory J Aziz pursued at NSC was to revamp the company’s capacity to produce high-quality railroad cars. He also increased the production capacity and was on 12 000 steel cars, up from 3000 per year after only 5 years of his leadership. National Steel Car only had 500 employees when Gregory Aziz took over. In just five years, the number had increased to 3000. The company was, thus, not only back on its feet but back to a competitive entity in North America.

James Aziz notes that the company’s focus has always been on quality more than anything else. Indeed, the company remains North America’s most respected rail tanks manufacturing entity. It has received many awards including the SECO TTX award that it has bagged for 13 years in a row. The company’s focus on quality was also reaffirmed in 2015 when it received ISO Certification; ISO 9001:2015.



Background about Gregory James Aziz


He schooled there and attended the University of Western Ontario for his Bachelor of Economics course. He graduated and worked for Affiliated Foods. He always had a dream to start his own company. He soon left the family business in pursuit of his star. Mr. Gregory J Aziz worked for various companies in Ontario before he traveled to New York where he joined merchant banking. Read This Article for related information


He is said to have made a fortune in merchant banking. He made some savings and bought National Steel Car when Dofasco put up a notice of intention to sell it. He quit his other activities and concentrated on rebuilding NSC to the successful entity it is today.


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