Drew Madden’s Analysis Of The Healthcare Technology

Who is Drew Madden?

Drew Madden is a known IT entrepreneur who is interested in using IT to provide solutions to emerging healthcare challenges. Drew has a background in healthcare technology having pursued a B.S.E. in industrial engineering with a major in medical systems. He studied at the college of engineering in State University of Iowa.


Drew Madden is a passionate entrepreneur who focuses on using information technology to address healthcare challenges, he has been able to incorporate technology in various aspects of healthcare provision. He is mostly known for his outstanding managerial abilities having steered numerous companies to great successes.


What does Drew Madden think of the current state of healthcare technology?

When asked about what he believes could define healthcare technology in the future, Drew identifies two recent developments in the sector. The first defining moment identified by Drew has to do with the reports that CVS Health could be in the process of acquiring Aetna. CVS Health is a company that deals with the retail of pharmaceuticals. Drew believes that it could be looking to tighten its grip on the healthcare sector by venturing into healthcare insurance. Drew analyzes this move and concludes that the company could be looking to become a one-stop shop for those seeking healthcare services. He believes that CVS is hoping to increase its role in the provision of healthcare services, a move that will see the firm own its clients more by giving them access to a wide variety of services.


The other defining move that Drew believes will change the healthcare industry is the steps taken by Amazon to venture into pharmaceutical retailing. Although Amazon has only secured documents required for it to retail pharmaceutical equipment, Drew believes that this could be a sign that the global retailer might be considering venturing into the retail of pharmaceuticals. With the many companies involved in the retail of pharmaceuticals, Drew believes that an entry by Amazon into the industry could change everything for them. He believes that Amazon could use their online retailing infrastructure to get an edge over its competitors. If he is right, then it is just a matter of time before competition in the pharmaceutical retail grows too stiff for some players.


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