Doe Deere Changes the Course of Direction for Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the trendsetter in the cosmetics world. She has totally changed the way that people look at the world of makeup and eyeliner. Her brand that is known as Lime Crime and the acrylic nails and Unicorn makeup appeals to the millennial generation.


Doe Deere is someone that is under the age of 30, and this gives her everything that she needs to attract a young crowd. Some people may not have realized just how great her presence was going to be until they explored her social media accounts. The Lime Crime account has more than a million users. This has given many people a great look at the variety that is available through this brand of cosmetics. This is how Doe Deere captures the attention of her crowd. She knows that there is a great amount of power in pictures.


Believing is seeing when it comes to cosmetics. She knows this and this is why she has a lot of the over-the-top photos. These are not photos that are considered typical makeup pics. To the contrary, these are the type of photos that are clearly Lime Crime Originals.


People are looking at all of these pics, and they know right away that they are looking at something that is a Lime Crime exclusive look. This is why there was so much positive attention that is connected to the brand. Consumers look at this and realize that they are seeing something that is exceptional. It is not anything ordinary, and that is why more people want to know about me. Even if some of the pictures look bizarre it still catches the attention of the consumer. Some might say that Doe Deere uses color to attract attention and stand out.


Doe Deere is clearly someone that draws attention to herself because she has such bright colors. She doesn’t mind the controversy. She actually looks forward to this type of talk about her brand. She knows that when people go out of their way to talk about what she is doing that they are excited about the possibilities of her products. This is why she put so much effort into keeping the buzz strong.


She knows that people look for controversy online, and this is why she has talked heavily about animal cruelty. Doe Deere has mentioned that her products are free of animal cruelty when it comes to testing, and this almost implies that some other companies that sell cosmetics are doing this. She did not point fingers or call out anyone specifically, but she did mention that this is not something that she was not going to participate in. Even this type of talk creates the type of energy that brings people to the Lime Crime brand. Doe Deere also knows how to get people talking about her products, and that makes a big difference when it comes to everything that she is doing right now. Her marketing skills lift this company up to many consumer groups.

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