Robert Ivy: CEO & VP Of The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive VP of the American Institute of Architects. This position consists of heading up a vibrant network of more than 250 chapters throughout the United States with a cumulative registry of more than 90,000 members.

Prior to his engagement at AIA, Robert Ivy was Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction and Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record magazine. Ivy hails from Columbus, Mississippi and holds a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University with a bachelor’s degree in English from Sewanee. He is currently a resident of Washington, D.C., but is well-known to be a frequent return visitor to the Columbus, Mississippi area.

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When Robert Ivy began his tenure in this position in 2011, he became dedicated to transforming the association through strengthening its public health, advocacy, and education programs in order to assist their members in serving clients as our world continues to evolve. Mr. Ivy pledged to bring the organization into the 21st Century and has been diligently working on rebranding the rich heritage. He has done this through a digital-first infrastructure within the organization and the streamlining of the AIA governance. Ivy is especially concerned with increasing public awareness of the value and relevance of architects as a specialized profession.

Robert Ivy was honored by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity, for exemplary efficacy in communicating the distinct value of design. This makes him only one out of a grand total of seven honorees in the fraternity’s 100 year history. Additionally, Ivy was the recipient of the Crain Award in 2009 which is the American Business Media’s highest award of recognition given to an individual. He has advanced in the ranks to Master Architect which puts him in the same respectable category with architectural greats such as I.M. Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Cass Gilbert, John Wellborn Root, and Mies van der Rohe, as well as Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker (first graduate of an American school of architecture).

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