The Career of Architect Robert Ivy

     Robert Ivy graduated with a Bachelors degree of arts in English from Sewanee, University of The South and a Masters degree in Architecture from Tulane University. In the year 1996, Ivy became the Editor in chief of Architectural Record after which he was appointed the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction. In his service till 2010, Ivy supervised and directed over 30 publications in both print and digital platforms. For this reason, Robert Ivy is accredited as the man who helped the Architectural Record Company increase their popularity and have its publications as the most sought out journals.

His service at McGraw-Hill Construction which also included GreenSource: HQ Magazine, Constructor, Sweets, ENR, snap among others is worth mentioning. His works in the Architectural Industry did not go unrewarded as in 2009, Ivy received The Crane Award, The American Business Media’s highest recognition for a personality owing to his lifetime contributions to the press. Robert Ivy was later in 2010 named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the architectural fraternity. He joins a handful list of recipients that includes I.M Pei and Buckminster Fuller. Ivy was also a juror on the panel that delegated architect Frank Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

Robert Ivy’s star continued to shine as in the years of 2002, 2004 and 2006 saw him serve as the U.S Commissioner of the Venice Architecture Biennale with CNN, Washington Post, and Huffington Post being some of his bylines. Prior to venturing into renowned publications, Ivy served as a Principal from 1981 until 1996 at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy amongst other publications.

Robert Ivy was born and brought up in Columbus, Mississippi but he is currently living in Washington DC, working as the Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He ascended to this post in the year 2010 after his service as Vice President at McGraw-HILL Construction Media. He is not new to AIA as in 1992 the company published Ivy’s book, Fay Jones Architect. He also was once a board member of American Institute of Architects some years back.

Among the many publications and articles Ivy has written, there is one of my favorites he wrote sometime back in 2016 titled “Architects of Health”. In this article, he informs the United States people that the numbers of people with diabetes and chronic diseases is on the rise due to poor eating habits and exercises. He says, the solution lies in design thinking and that is a visionary role that planning and architects can have on the nation’s health care. He remarks that the public health officials and architects are in a joint mission that was never thought of a generation ago.


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