Roberto Santiago Manages the Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago was born and grew in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Santiago enrolled into the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. After campus, Mr. Santiago got his first career job at a Brazilian manufacturing company, Café Santa Rosa. After some years in his role, Santiago resigned and started his cartons selling company, Cartonnage. The company traded in cartons made from cardboard.

Santiago wanted to utilize his entrepreneurial skills in more challenging tasks. Roberto Santiago ventured into real estate. He purchased land and started constructing Manaira Mall on that land. Manaira Shopping Mall is on 75000 meters squared land in Joao Pessoa city. The Mall took two years to become what Roberto wanted it to be. It started offering services in 1989 with approximately 280 stores. It also included a gaming area, financial institutions, a gym, a theatre, food court and a college.

Today, Manaira Shopping Mall hosts the Domus Hall on its rooftop. Domus Hall is one of the most famous halls in Brazil. The Hall is spacious enough to host conferences, weddings, graduation ceremonies and exhibitions accommodating more than four thousand seats. The room can also hold more than ten thousand people without seats. Domus Hall has been technologically upgraded with installed air conditioners, high-tech music systems, and soundproofed walls.

The gaming area in Manaira Hall is suitable for both children and adults following its setting. It has more than two hundred betting machines upgraded and updated. The gaming area also consists of different restaurants to cater to everyone’s preferences and tastes.

Mr. Roberto Santiago strategically situated the mall between two beaches offering customers a great natural view. The Mall also has built a vehicle packing section that accommodates close to 300 cars.

To expand and diversify his investment, Roberto Santiago opened another shopping mall. The new mall is called Mangeira. Mangeira is very similar to Manaira has business impacts identical to those of Manaira. The existence of the two Malls has attracted various enterprises and corporations fetching abundant benefits to the neighborhood. This growth also elevates the city’s economy. The two Shopping Malls and other upcoming businesses create employment opportunities lowering joblessness and raising the general livelihood of the people in and around Pessoa city. The land around the two malls has significantly appreciated with investors purchasing land for investment and also for settlement. The employees and the bosses of the business that are in and around the area too settle there for convenience. The entertainment industry has also risen as a result of population and economy growth.

Roberto Santiago’s achievement in entrepreneurship is as a result of his passion for business, determination, incisive vision and hard work.


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