Judging a Leader: Gregory Aziz

Finding a leadership team to help your business thrive can be extremely difficult. Many leaders are not able to describe their abilities accurately, and sometimes the performance of a company has nothing to do with the person in charge. One business leader that leaves nothing up to interpretation, however, is Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J. Aziz was born and raised in a small town in Ontario. After graduating from Western University there, he joined his family’s food distribution company, Affiliated Foods. Aziz was able to show how much he really knew about business at Affiliated. After being put in charge of outreach and gaining additional customers, Aziz lived up to the task and not only expanded the customer base within Ontario, but across international borders as well. He found new suppliers in South America and the far reaches of Europe, and pretty soon Affiliated Foods was selling all sorts of new and exotic foods that customers just had to have. When he left the company after 16 years, Gregory J Aziz made sure that Affiliated Foods was set to be a powerhouse then and in the future.

The next big win for Greg Aziz was the purchase and restructuring of National Steel Car. National Steel Car was a rolling stock company founded in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. It had a long history of providing some of the best, low-cost freight cars to the thriving railroad industry of the times. However, in recent decades, trucking companies started to choke out the rail competition, and customers were flocking to this more convenient and fast mode of transportation. When sales started to decline at National Steel Car, the previous owners pulled out their funds and let the company starve. Greg Aziz knew better than to let the company fall into ruin, however.

When he came on board, Aziz made one thing perfectly clear. He made certain the workers and customers of National Steel Car knew that they were going to focus their attention on quality and engineering. With the new regulations that were hitting the railroad industry every year, railroads could not afford to sink money into rolling stock that would be rendered obsolete by legislation by the end of the decade. Aziz put money into capital projects and designs to make sure this never happened. He increased the capacity of the plant by 300 percent and hired over 2,000 additional workers to help make his dream a reality. Go To This Page for additional information.


Sometimes it is hard to judge a leader and tell what was really them and what was just happening in the normal course of business. With Greg Aziz, however, you always know that the company is thriving because of his successes.


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