Have a helping heart like Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a wife to Dick DeVos. She has been involved in active politics since she was on campus. If we figure back, this is over 30 years in this competitive field. Apart from being in politics, Betsy DeVos is well known for her philanthropy work. Much of her work is done in conjunction with her husband. The two have done an excellent job which is embraced by all people most in Michigan.


For instance, the two chair a technology investment company that is responsible for production of clean energy. That firm is Windquest Group. In addition to that, they also run the DeVos family foundation which is ranked the most influential funding group. With the help of Betsy DeVos, this team has been giving money to all levels of the world. Michigan is one of the local states that has benefited from the initiative.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation fund more than political alliances that is why even educational institutions are also enjoying the benefits of this foundation. Some of the schools that have benefited from the organization include the private Christian schools that are run by Potter’s House. This education foundation gives needy students and children help regarding scholarships so that they can have an education which will help them while attending private schools.


Apart from educational groups like Education Freedom Fund, other several organizations have also benefited from the DeVos Foundation. Some of the companies include FEE, AFC, and ALEC. DeVos heads the FEE which has been having been receiving funding to help in charter schools and core state standards. Politics and education is not the only involvement of DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy DeVos is also running support for health care and art facilities. For instance, ArtPrize has received much support from the foundation.


Some of us keep asking why Betsy DeVos is always involved in funding educational organizations. According to her, she wants to give freedom to the student in sectors of education. The freedom is meant to help schooling children by giving them all the freedom and avoid going to specific rooms and buildings for the school. What that means is that the children are going to receive a digital education.


According to Betsy, she supports the idea of digital learning skills. She insists that it is tedious to go to class and sit for a half an hour listening to a teacher when we have many enjoyable methods of learning. She likes the idea of digital education because most children love and adopt technology at a very high speed. That means that soon o later, the kid can learn using this current and quick growing method. What they need is the support of the parents who can help them in achieving their goals.


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