The Art Of Growing In Business: A Sawyer Howitt Perspective

     When it comes to entrepreneurship there are very young guys leading the way one of these shining stars is Sawyer Howitt who is currently a high school senior set to join Columbia University class of 22. He is currently working with the Meriwether Group Project Manager a position he has been for a period of 9 months.

The groups has named him as one of their most trusted advisor with a commitment to changing the structure of commerce by taking on both small and large scale business development. He advises every aspiring entrepreneur to ensure that they possess this five essential skills. How to start a business Sawyer advises that you can never wait for a perfect time to start your new business most people tend to want to know all there is to know about a business. Unless there are some legal hurdles like securing a professional license the best time to start is now.The best learning should be driven by your business’s needs this will ensure that there is more practical learning for the new entrepreneur.

Always hire the right people and endeavor to keep them happy and content. As a startup grows there is room for employees to come in this people will be very critical in the growth of the organization.When hiring ensure that your employees meet the minimum qualification as well as have a solid skill background.The ability for the person to fit into the culture of the organization is also very important. Maintain Focus Distraction has proved to be the bane of more than one would-be entrepreneur.

An endless stream of great ideas is good but could at times prove to be too much for the business it is thus critical to stick to the core venture of your business. Mind the Numbers Every business deals with various sets of numbers and you need to pay attention to them. they will involve things like start-up costs, inventory and payroll it is important to keep them in check and ensure that you do not overstretch the business financial resources. As an entrepreneur ensure that you sharpen your people skills this will ensure that you are always able to deal with different individuals in different levels.


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