Don’t Let A Lack Personal Cyber Security Leave You Defenseless

Even if you think you’re careful about securing your computers, you can be a victim of hacking. It’s easy to click the wrong link in an email or visit a trojan-filled web site and before you know it, your computer is infected. Or even worse, your data is locked up and being held for ransom. It happened to me and the experience made me realize I needed to educate myself.


You can’t leave personal cyber security to chance and that’s why it’s important to choose the right protection. I’ve chosen Rubica, a digital and cyber security company that makes protecting your technology as easy as you can imagine. Simply download the Rubica app onto your computers, tablets and smart phones and they’ll provide one-stop personal cyber security.

Rubica combines the best of machine-assisted technology with human-powered expertise to track and protect your devices from the bad guys . The Rubica app gives you real-time data about your protection and the interface is easy to understand.


Protecting your personal cyber security is as easy as downloading an app when you choose Rubica.


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