Orange Coast College Rowing Champions

Orange Coast College is quickly becoming the buzz in the rowing community. They have acquired eleven titles at Nationals, one of which they won just last year. On May 35, a Thursday, they go back to Nationals where they will compete for yet another win. The team is led by 22 year old Daniel Amado. Daniel previously rowed for his high school in Los Alamitos but had to stop after he came injured. He was able to recover and take back up rowing and he is thankful for having the spot because it taught him that he needed to be determined in order to succeed. Not only has rowing improved his physical health, but it also has made him mentally strong enough to overcome whatever he sets his mind to. After he leaves the Orange Coast College rowing team, Daniel has plans to row for the University of Washington’s team.


Daniel is accompanied by the assistant coach, Steven Morris. Steve dedicates his time to the team and drives up to practice with them six days a week during the training months. He was the head coach during the 90s, but he decided to step down after he was married and had children in order to spend more time with his family. Being the assistant coach allows him to have a little extra free time while also remaining dedicated to the rowing team. Steve himself was on the Orange Coast College rowing team when he was in college and due to his slight build, he was the coxswain on the boat. The coxswain is the person that gives out all the orders and must think ahead in order to succeed.


Orange Coast College is found near a lovely California beach right around Costa Mesa. It was constructed in the 1940s and has been on a steady uphill in terms of growth ever since. The Orange Coast College is now one of the largest community colleges in the entire nation and have a great selection of classes, opportunities, and facilities for its students to enjoy. Their nautical programs is widely considered to be their most valuable asset.


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