Arthur Becker And Real Estate Investment

In the early 2000s, Arthur Becker bought tech companies that become part of his fortune. Currently, he has invested in real estate in New York and Florida. Some of the projects he has been involved in include the development of the Billionaires’ Row at 111 West 57th Street. In this project, he partnered with Micheal Stern and Kevin Maloney. Arthur also invested in 10 Sullivan Street, a 16-story condo building that was developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. In exchange for his stake in this project, the developers gave Becker three adjacent Sullivan Street townhouses, which he plans to, live in one and sell the remaining two.

The 66-year-old investor owns a real estate office decorated with artwork and paintings. Next to this office is the site of his next project, an eight-unit luxury condo estimated to be worth $52.5 million. According to Becker, he thinks that his timing to come into the market was right. Some of the ventures that he is involved in apart from real estate are tech, vast, art, and spanning finance.

It is evident that Arthur Becker likes to try out new ventures like collecting old currencies from countries like Nigeria and Cameroon in Africa. Most surprising is that some of these currencies are a millennium old and he reproduces some as fine arts. His work seems to have paid off because some of the carvings are set to be installed in a commercial building in Boston. In his office, Becker keeps art made of crumpled cash either in dollars or euros and also sells some. Becker’s creative work is mostly inspired by things that he came across when growing up like Magic 8 Ball, which he consulted about the future and cookies that brought the idea of investing in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker has worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Navisite, an organization that offers the internet and hosting services to businesses in the United States and the UK. Between 2012 and 2015, Arthur Becker was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC, the largest digital magazine distributor in the world. He later moved to Madison Partners, as a Managing Member. Madison Partners, LLC. is an organization that deals with real estate and early stage Bio Tech ventures.

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