Richard Mishaan Design Brings Unique Flair to Design and Style

An introduction to Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design can be done no better than by his former clients. Lisa Pevaaroff-Cohn had hired Richard Mishaan to help with her interior design work and she had this to say, “Richard can make something beautiful and make it yours.” Of course by this she is saying that Mishaan has his own unique style that doesn’t allow you to peg him into a single identifiable niche. Richard Mishaan Design has been steadily growing into one of the most innovative interior design groups in New York City over the past 25 years.


When you walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room you are greeted by something that is unique and approachable all at once. Despite catering to some of the elite businessmen and women in New York City, his work stays incredibly modest. Modest probably isn’t even the absolute best word to use here. Mishaan’s style isn’t focused on spending the most money and buying the most lavish of each kind of item. Instead, Richard Mishaan Design focuses on creating a story that utilizes both layers and numerous textures in order to get something unique and interesting all at once. Mishaan also believes in incorporating your own little treasures, collected from traveling. These pieces may not blend perfectly but they give a room unique flair to impress visitors.


Richard Mishaan’s latest work can be seen in book format thanks to a wide release on Amazon and in store publication. Richard Mishaan’s newest book is called “Artfully Modern” and it features some of Mishaan’s best work, giving you the chance to really take in everything that Richard Mishaan Design has prided themselves on over the years. No matter where you fall in terms of interest regarding interior designing, Richard Mishaan’s work is revolutionary to see.

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